Knoxville Community of Mindfulness

From Mindfulness to Wisdom:
​Essential Meditation Practices from the Buddhist Tradition

Beginning in January 2021 John Blackburn is offering a year-long program of eight courses. These courses are taught in a developmental sequence (see below), in which the practices learned in each class build upon prior classes.

This program is designed to help organize and focus our meditative development.  The emphasis will always be on practices, things we can actually do to make these wisdom teachings come alive in our own experience.  The objective is not to become a Buddhist or an expert on Buddhism but to become a human being capable of living an awakened life.  

Courses will be offered on Zoom, meeting on Sunday afternoons from 4:00 to 5:30.

Each course will have its own registration process.  Therefore, one does not need to commit to the full program at the outset. If one has already taken some of these courses, it is optional to repeat them.

Throughout the year John will be available for individual support.

The Year-Long Developmental Sequence

Beginning Mindfulness Meditation
​January 10-31

Practicing the Four Noble Truths
​February 7-28
Opening the Heart: Metta Meditation
​March 7-28

No Class in April

Establishing Mindfulness
​May 2-23

No Class in June

The Bodhisattva Path
​July 11- August 1
Cultivating Wisdom through Daily Practice
​August 8-29

No Class - Two Weeks   

Lojong: Tibetan Mind Training
​September 12-October 10
Wisdom II
​October 24-November 14

No Class in December