Knoxville Community of Mindfulness

Retreats & Days of Mindfulness
​Winter 2020 - Spring 2021

Since ancient times, those who are following a spiritual path have set aside time for deepening the experience of mindfulness, concentration, and insight.  In retreat we are temporarily stepping away from worldly concerns in order to cultivate skill in meditation in order to touch more deeply the truth within us.

Establishing ourselves in ease and relaxation allows the mind’s essential peace and clarity to shine forth.  Rediscovering that this peace and clarity is really not far away, we can return to our lives and our daily practice with renewed energy and confidence.

Surprisingly, retreats on Zoom can be quite powerful and effective. Meditation centers have been offering retreats in this format for several months, and the response of retreatants has been overwhelmingly positive.  With a strong intention and a little planning, one can create a retreat environment in one’s home.  The schedule will include time for taking care of household responsibilities as a form of work meditation, just as one performs a "yogi Job" during an in-person retreat.

  Upcoming Retreats & Days of Mindfulness
                           Date & Time

   A Day of Loving-Kindness and Gratitude 
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Saturday November 21; 10 am-4 pm
On Zoom
A Day of Mindfulness
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Saturday December 12; 10 am-4 pm
On Zoom
 Retreat: Opening the Heart Through Loving -Kindness 
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April 2-4, 2021 (Friday Dinner - Sunday Lunch)
Well Being Retreat C
enter; Tazewell, TN 

Days of Mindfulness are currently on Zoom.
​The April retreat is scheduled for the Well Being Center