Knoxville Community of Mindfulness

The Bodhisattva Path
Two courses in 2021 - see dates below

$60 suggested donation

A life of meaning and purpose
In the Buddhist tradition, the bodhisattva is one who dedicates her or his life to awakening in order to help others free themselves from suffering.  The path of the bodhisattva begins with this aspiration. 

If this vision of a meaningful life makes sense to us, we, too, can enter this path.  This path is not reserved for religious monastics; It is open to all of us.  Even as laypeople with many responsibilities, we can be actively involved in life and still follow this path.

As bodhisattvas-in-training, we engage in the process of gradually transforming our mind.  Freed of the afflictive emotions that arise from our misunderstandings and distorted perceptions, the natural goodness and purity of our mind begins to emerge. This is the mind of our innate wisdom and compassion—generous and joyful and fully equipped with the necessary skills to benefit others.

Each class includes teaching, written instructions, guided meditations, and time for Q& A.  Experience with mindfulness meditation is helpful but not required.  After the class ends, a weekly follow-up meeting will be offered at no cost to answer questions and help you maintain a regular practice.

Classes meet weekly on Zoom.  When you submit your registration form, you will see the message: You have successfully registered, appear briefly above the submit button.  A few days prior to the first class meeting, you will receive the Zoom link  and a short reading.  If possible, please register at least one day prior to the first class so that you will have time to complete the short reading. 

There is a suggested donation of $60, which covers the four classes.  Any amount is gratefully accepted.  Your practice of generosity makes it possible for those of lesser means to participate in the class.

John Blackburn, Ph.D., has practiced meditation for over forty-five years, practicing intensively with teachers in the Vipassana, Zen, and Dzogchen traditions.  He leads a local meditation group, the Knoxville Community of Mindfulness.  He also serves as member of the board of directors for Southern Dharma Retreat Center in Spring Creek, NC.

2021 Course Offerings

                                                           February 10-March 3                                    July 11- August 1
                                                                  Wednesdays                                                    Sundays
​                                                                 6:30-8:00 pm                                                4:00-5:30 pm
Registration NOW OPEN for July class. 
Note Registration Process Has Changed:  
When you submit your registration, a "successfully submitted" message will briefly pop up.  Several days to a week prior to the start of the course you will receive an email with the Zoom link and a short preparation for the first class.