Private Instruction

Many people, for a variety of reasons, are unable to attend public classes. Private instruction provides them with the opportunity to learn one-to-one.  Private instruction can take place in person or over Zoom.  It can be structured to fit the student's schedule and objectives.  

John has learned, based on his own experience of working closely with teachers, that this is the simplest and most direct way to make progress and experience results from one's meditation practice.

Use the button below to email John; he will set up a time to discuss private instruction with you.

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What  Students Say About Private Instruction

John’s knowledge of meditation is impressive, and he excels as a teacher who is caring, patient, and supportive.

The most important aspect of what I’m learning from him is that meditation is simply the foundation for a broader approach to a mindful way to live.

Ralph G., Professor Electrical Engineering

The insights I have gained through John's personal instruction are immeasurable and have continued to support my aspiration to be a more compassionate, equanimous  and loving human.  

I would encourage anyone questioning whether personal instruction would be helpful to try it. 

Bobby G., Tech. Executive and Entrepreneur

I made the decision to start private instruction after taking group classes on and off for years without being able to maintain a regular practice or use what I'd learned to bring greater peace and equanimity to daily life.  ... John has given me the support and encouragement to make REAL change in my life.

Gary S., Mortgage Broker

John has really helped me set a solid foundation in my daily meditation practice. His guidance has helped me overcome obstacles ... it is nice to know that I can count on John as a guide as I continue my path.

John graciously agreed to meet with me in person which was very helpful for me. We have since continued to meet either in person ... or virtually as needed. John has been very accommodating. 

Jacob G., VP Asset Management, Real Estate Development

He has been so patient and encouraging as I sometimes struggled with the meditation.  Much to my surprise, I have made great progress ...

My friends and family have also benefitted as I have learned to be kinder, more generous, and less self-centered.

And-very important to me-

his sense of humor. 

Karen S., Psychiatrist

It’s extraordinarily liberating to see that what’s been enchaining you is just your own mental fabrications –

 In my experience, no one does a better job of cutting through mental Gordian knots than John Blackburn.  I recommend him without reservation to anyone who is looking for a happier life.

Jack W., Attorney

Under his gentle and knowledgeable guidance, I now meditate daily, and have incorporated meaningful Buddhist practices into my everyday life.  


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 I am bombarded daily with business issues, large and small.  Working with John, I now have an established meditation practice, and my anxiety, (self-induced) suffering, and internal storytelling have improved tremendously.